Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Day I Talk About Hitting Adulthood

- Warning: Image Heavy Post -

Every February, my schedule is packed with birthdays galore. This year is no different. However, being an '88 baby means that many of my peers are hitting/have hit the big 21, which translates into bigger parties and greater indulgences. I recently celebrated my very own 21st birthday as well as attended several of my peers and I must say, it's been lots of fun catching up with old friends and really memorable.

Kenrick's 21st

2nd Bday Cake

Kenrick (being characteristically Kenrick) threw his party at Sentosa. The evening began with a small gathering for dinner at Il Lido and ended with drinks at the Amara Resort Villas. JJ came along for the night's activities and we all had a ball of a time.

My first impression of Il Lido definitely a good one as the food was fantastic and their service was impeccable.

Squid Ink Pasta
Foie Gras
Dessert @ Il Lido

The villa was pretty nice, quite different from the one-room suite where Jevon threw his party a year ago even though it was in the same resort. Money makes a whole world of difference. Anyway, there was more than sufficient booze and balloons at the post-dinner party for all the guests.

JJ & Kenrick Playing Sparklers
Fixing Drinks
Girls In Awe
Justin Balloon Face
JJ Balloon Face
Brandon Kisses Kenrick
In Da Pool
Blindfolded Kenrick
By The Pool
Kenrick Wining Brandon

*GASP!* - My 21st Birthday

Funky Shades

The party was insane. Thankfully it's my last birthday party in Singapore for the forseeable future. Note to self: NEVER. EVER. PLAN. YOUR. OWN. PARTY. You end up running around alot, making sure everything's perfect so as to make everyone feel at home. That said, it was a pretty amazing one. For the first time in my entire life did I actually did have so many people coming to celebrate my birthday with me.

Photos with my guests:

with Cheryl
Acting Lian with Yvonne
with Dai Ka Jie
with my Hoes
The NY Gang
Bestie & his GF
The YCS Gang
The MI Gang
Da Happy Couple
Emm, moi & Hanz
Jorge & Jevon
The Hag & her Fags
BGC Colleagues

Also, I got 4 out of the 9 items in my wish-list! Talk about "wishes coming true"! So here's a shout out to all who came: THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! My party wouldn't have been such a success if not for your presence and support. I can't love you guys enough. XXOOXOXO!!! :)

In retrospect, I thought that turning 21 would affect me in a very big way but in actual fact, I feel no difference at all. Maybe age is truly just a number.

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