Friday, April 06, 2007

The Day We Celebrate Good Friday

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Today, Christians around the world remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us as we celebrate Good Friday. It is a day that is spent in reflection and prayer. Even though we know that Jesus will "die" today and "come back" on Sunday, we follow these rituals to find relevance of spirituality in our lives. Very often, we are caught up with our responsibilities and are only driven by our materialistic wants, so much so that we forget about God and what he has done for us. So today, we take a break from our normal routine and devote some time to spirituality.

I'm a firm believer of faith because in so many junctures of my life thus far, my belief in God has pulled me through my ups and downs.

So this Sunday (especially for all Christians), remember that Easter is not only about chocolate eggs and bunnies. It's also about Christ and our salvation due to his sacrifice. Don't ever forget that.

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