Friday, April 13, 2007

The Day I Talk About First Times

There are many defining moments, commonly known as "the first time", in our lives. Today, I shall share the several "first times" I've experienced during my Basic Medic Course.

First Time #1: Poking A Needle
I know what you're thinking, you sick freaks. By poking I meant doing the IV infusion pracise. It's really quite an experience, cos for most (or maybe all) of us, it's the first time we actually penetrate somebody else's skin with a needle. I trembled a little when I did it, but whattheheck eh? There's only 1 word to describe the feeling: sibeh-song! *sinister laughter*

First Time #2: Getting Poked By An Unprofessional
The reverse is true when I got poked by my buddy. Twice. It's times like this when you remember the sacred words "do unto others what you want others to do unto you". You lie on the floor grimacing inwardly (cos of the incredibly huge egos that all men possess) and silently regret the hurt you've caused your buddy while you were doing the poking. But it's nonetheless an unforgettable first time.

First Time #3: Making Out With A Dummy
It happened during our CPR lesson-cum-test. We had to learn how to perform proper CPR on manakins (yes it's spelled this way) posing as unconscious casualties and infants. The seductive allure of "making out" with a hot, passed-out stranger by the act of CPR (courtesy of Pam Anderson on one of the ancient Baywatch episodes) is rudely replaced by the knowledge that an unconscious person probably won't taste nice nor be able to french-kiss. Blowing into a rubber face and checking for the rise and fall of a rubber chest completely blew my mind.

I suppose I'd have more first times in time to come, so stay tuned!

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