Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Day I Write A Love Poem

Truth For You

These words are truth from love
For the one I treasure most
A year apart makes no difference
Cos what's from the heart is most

Hari Raya we walked along
Town with my stack of heavy notes
They weren't heavy
Cos you
Were there beside me

In the box we smiled as lights
Flashed and blinded our eyes
The moment we had inside
Felt truly like heaven

You crack me up with
Your sidesplitting jokes
Your smile so true and sweet
I smile too
The nearer the
More beautiful you are

Atheletic you say you're not
You're not
But I still feel the same
It won't change
It cannot

You're beautiful
Eyes that shine through photographs
Though you're not really there
You feel real
Real enough

You are perfect
Like a cold sundae on a hot hot day
I wish and I
That you feel the same
About me.

Three words
Dare I say?

The poem above is written on behalf of my friend who related his story to me and wanted a poem written for his special someone.

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