Monday, November 23, 2009

The Day My New Room Became Habitable

<==== En route to LA!
Well, I'm actually back in Cupertino. Hehe. My short trip down south was really fun though, mainly because I got to catch up with old friends and managed to get quite a lot of the necessary stuff that I'll need for my stay in the US i.e. a study table, side-table (to be put next to my bed), study lamp, chair. Check out my Tweets from the past week for more details ;)

So this is how my room looked like after I moved all my junk into it (before I set-up / arranged / beautified everything). It was a great mess, and you know how much I don't like untidy stuff. So the boxes were opened, the furniture was assembled, and the bedsheets were changed. With help from Huaxia and Tao Tao, my room was transformed into someplace habitable. Ah.

And this is what it looks like now. Nice? :)

Now, let me take you guys on a short tour of the apartment!

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