Friday, October 10, 2008

The Day Of My Last Weekend Duty (EVER)

We have finally arrived near the end of my service for the nation. YES.
And today's my last weekend duty! (Actually, more like today and tomorrow la but whattheheck) So anyway, I just made an interesting discovery last night. We have our very own Gossip Girl ripoff in sunny Singapore!

Known only as Kaypoh Girl, this new young thing (or things, as many have speculated that more than one person runs this delightful, juicy little webbie, and I suspect that it's not even written by a girl/girls) is only about a month old. Go check it out if you're really bored. For the real deal, remember that a new episode of Gossip Girl airs every Monday, 8/7c on the CW (which is available for viewing off soon after heh heh).

To the producers of Gossip Girl (if you happen to chance upon this blog): For the love of God, please do something about Vanessa's hair. Crimping is for the 80s and little children's sleepovers, not, I repeat, not for your grown-up token Hispanic girl on the show. And please please please get new clothes for Chuck. Or burn his wardrobe so he'll need new clothes. Cos orange, purple, (and most recently) green suits are not made for human eyes. He's not a Teletubby.

Anyhoos, I've got a long boring day ahead. Thank God there's Candice Bushnell, Natsuo Kirino and Sylvia Plath to keep me company. To the rest of y'all who are enjoying your freedom during the weekends, have fun! I'll be joining you guys before you know it. ;)

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