Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day Cancer Hit Too Close To Home

Sometimes when life deals you a lousy hand, you gotta make do with it.

After work last evening, I got a text by a close friend, "I've been diagnosed with lymphoma". Not exactly the five words that makes your day. Like taking a slap in the face, I was stunned for the moment. A couple of years ago, my uncle was down with colon cancer. He was 52. But it still didn't prepare me for this. How can you prepare yourself for something like that anyway? As the night progressed, it began to sink in: my friend had cancer.

He had just turned 20.

Cancer is a cruel disease that not only eats into the body of a person, but the entire soul and being of the person as well. It pains me to know that he's going through this unwanted chapter of life that was forced upon him, but there's nothing much I can do other than to pray for his full recovery. The only thing we can do to combat the festering evil of cancer is to have faith. Faith in God, in technology, in optimism.

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