Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Day I Talk About My Cousin's Korean Girlfriend

My cousin Jowett came back to Singapore recently for a visit after years of studying in Australia. Along with him was his latest accessory: a Korean girlfriend. I don't know if this has anything to do with the Korean craze that's taking over Asia these days.

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Gina & Jowett

Of course I'm kidding when I say that Gina's an "accessory". She's more than that. She's like the perfect housewife. By that I mean she's got all the 3 C's required: cook, cleaner, caretaker. Do you know that she randomly whips up good food with anything she can find in the kitchen fridge? And just the other day, I find my laundry folded perfectly 5 minutes after I brought it into the house (I had to rush off to the toilet, which explains why she had time to fold). The only thing that bothers me about her is her craziness for kimchi (Korean-style pickled vegetables in lots of chilli and garlic). According to Jowett, she needs to have her kimchi with every meal. To me, that's just scary.

[The following parts of this post in red will be what I suppose Gina is thinking.]

Before they went back to Indonesia, my parents (plus me and my other cousin Lenny aka Clara aka whatever-name-she's-using-nowadays) brought them out for a nice seafood dinner at East Coast Park.

Gina likes crab
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What is black thing on crab? Oh? Is black pepper?! No squirt on me! My clothes pretty. Hair nice to flow in the air. Black pepper make dirty...

Gina loves Jowett
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I love Jow! I love wind blow my hair! Make me more pretty! If only got kimchi here, food taste very better.

Mum, me, Jowett, Gina & Lenny
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I swear that's exactly what's going through her mind.

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