Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Day I Went To The A&E

The Chinese New Year hasn't been kind to me. I've been coughing for a long time (more than a month, definitely), but it took a turn for the worst yesterday when I began running a fever. Freaking out (together with my parents, who freaked out more), I went to the Mt Alvernia Hospital A&E for an emergency check-up. Let's just say that I'm extremely grateful for antibiotics right now.

On a lighter note, I was visited by Anita, Meifeng, Jiapei, Tammi and Shaun yesterday after I got home from the hospital. It's really nice to meet up with old friends again (Anita looks stunning! I think teaching is really doing something for her).

I've got 2 days MC, so I'll only be booking in tomorrow night. Gotta go take my medication now. Sigh. I hate being sick...

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