Monday, March 14, 2005

The Day I Got My Computer Back From Fixing

Wow... It's been an age since I last blogged.

Let's see, the past week has been a really emotionally charged one where I got myself into this whole, big and god-damned relationship(s) problem. I'm seriously never going to pray for a relationship anymore. Uh-uh. No more...

I'm so sick of myself. Urgh!!! Anyway, I got my computer back from fixing today, and I'm now $95 poorer. A pretty big hole in a non-working 17-year-old's pocket if you ask me. Oh well, for the sake of my computer, I guess it's worth it... Met Gloria for lunch at NYDC Heerens and blew another $20 there. But I guess it was pretty worth it, considering the fact that I shared my problems with her, lifting a little bit of the heavy burden from my heavy, heavy heart. Vice versa for her, except maybe her problems weren't so heavy.

Got home at about 5 and surfed the web for awhile before I had dinner and went down to church for Easter practice.

God, affairs of the heart is such a pain...

Quote of the Day: Lay your head upon my shoulder, I'll set you free; I'll be your security.

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