Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Day I Went For TalentQuest '06

It was a good day. Woke up at 9 plus 10 and waited at home for Marcus till bout 1 to practise The Reason. Yes, we did that dratted song for the auditions later in the noon a'capella (meaning no instrumental accompaniment) at the god-forsaken PartyWorld KTV along Shenton Way. It turned out so much better than expected. We should have kept it that way all along. Sigh...

Oh yes, and my solo was oh-so-close to perfect. So close. But it was good nonetheless. Wowza! :D

And I have finally gotten over the mental hindrance of thinking that I'm imperfect. Hell, everyone is. I may not be the best looking guy there is, neither am I the tallest. But God is fair innit? He gave me a voice. Hey, I'm glad I can walk and see and hear! What more can I ask for?

So I'd like to urge those out there who are perpetually dissatisfied with your lives to take a moment and sit down to reflect on how lucky you are even though it may seem that you lack in so many things. You have so much that you just don't notice how fortunate you are. Be grateful.

PS: I'll update stuff bout my camp and trip asap, once I've settled all the pics and stuff. Sorry bout the delay...

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